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Suggested Items Troops Often Request

The troops greatly appreciate all of the items that SOAR has been sending to them.  SOAR sends care packages throughout the year. If you would like to show your support by providing for some of their needs, below is a list of some of the items they have requested:

hard or soft candy (Twizzlers, gum)
prepackaged cookies
granola, energy and cereal bars
instant oatmeal, Pop Tarts, boxed cereals
Pringles, pretzels, popcorn
small microwavable cans (i.e., chili, ravioli, soup)
powdered drink mixes (i.e., Gatorade)
beef jerky
tuna, chicken (pull tab cans or packets)
coffee singles, tea bags, hot chocolate
hot apple cider mixes, ground coffee
powdered creamer
snack crackers (i.e., Cheez-Its, Wheat Thins)
sugar packets
peanut butter, jelly
peanuts, dried fruit, pull tab cans of fruit


eye drops/eye wash
Tums, Tylenol, cough drops, Imodium AD
hydrocortisone and/or antifungal cream
foot powder, medicated body powder
insect repellant (rub-on or spray)
deodorant, antiperspirant
dental floss
sunscreen products
hand lotion (small pocket sizes are best)
facial tissues (small pocket sizes)
men's shampoo
hand sanitizers, lip balm
tampons, maxipads, pantiliners

electrical power strips with surge protection
disposable papers plates, bowls, utensils
sunglasses (plain black frames NO LOGO)
twin bed sheets (darker colors)
pillows, pillowcases (darker colors)
air mattresses
black socks for Marines
disposable cameras
batteries (AA, C, D)
women's makeup/skin care items
women's athletic socks
hair styling gel
pens, postage stamps, stamped products
3.5 computer disks, rewritable CDs
DVDs, CDs, handheld electronic games
sporting equipment, dartboards
board games

Please remember that all food items must to be in their original packages, and individually wrapped. WE CAN NOT SHIP AEROSOL CANS OR GLASS CONTAINERS

Cash donations to help with mailing costs are also greatly appreciated. Click here.